St. Barthelemy Cellars Pinot Noir Port is Just Perfect


I received a wonderful gift from a dear family friend who lives in San Francisco. This Pinot Noir Port is a 2004-2005 vintage blend and, as I hope you can tell from the photo, it’s a stunning, translucent garnet. It really does represent what Pinot Noir lovers love about the wine, and Pinot Noir is my all-time favorite. St. Barthelemy Cellars Port is fruity with a fantastic mouth feel. And the scent, my friends, is heavenly. This port, from the Green Island Vineyard in Napa Valley, is described as having “combined flavors of strawberry and cherry with hints of tropical melon [and] followed by licorice, spice and honey on the finish.” You could absolutely enjoy this with a variety of earthy cheeses or fruits, but I just enjoyed it with the company of good friends.

Until next time, cheers, everone!



I Love Bubbly: Almond Champagne from Wilson Creek Winery


I just celebrated the start of my 33rd year on this beautiful Earth. What better way to celebrate than to enjoy a bottle of bubbly from Waterford crystal while in your pajamas? That, my friends, is how I roll.


This bottle of Wilson Creek Almond Champagne was a lovely and extremely enjoyable gift. It’s a white sparkling California wine that’s naturally fermented via the charmat method and has just a smidge of real almond flavoring to make it really unique. It’s slightly sweet, very bubbly, and super drinkable.


This definitely isn’t my last bottle of this delightful, nose-tickling, sparkly wine.

Cheers, everyone!

A Delightful Rose Wine from a Local Winery: Did it Save its Kind?

Bring in the troubadours! Sound the alarms! Get me my megaphone! I have found a rose wine that makes my tastebuds do the cha cha! Thank you, San Sebastián Winery in lovely St. Augustine, Florida. I’m a changed foodie because of you. You see, if it weren’t for my family visiting the winery on a recent vacation, I’d have never purchased this on my own. NEVER. Wines that even slightly resemble White Zin scare me. The Kool-Aid quality just doesn’t work for me, and, for years, I’ve equated (admittedly unfairly) pinkish-colored wines with the nightmarish flavor of the first wine I ever tasted. Look I’m not the only one who’s shied away; guilt by association is real.

But the past is the past, and thank goodness. I couldn’t imagine missing out on this amazing rose bursting with peachy deliciousness.

What a treat for a warm summer evening! What a treat for a cold winter day! What a treat…period! So, I guess the moral of this story with a very happy ending is that although a White Zinfandel may be considered a rose, a rose isn’t at all a Zinfandel. It’s all in the grape, my friends. Cheers! 🙂