Easy Peasy Garlicky Roasted Ichiban Eggplant 

Too much eggplant? No such thing. But should this situation arise in your garden, I suggest you roast it.

First, and on a total side note, I find it awkward to tell people about my “eggplant plants.” It sounds weird and redundant. I accidentally find myself talking about my “egg-plants,” but there (sadly) aren’t eggs growing on them. Turns out, eggs come from chickens and other assorted animals. I can’t be the only one who’s experienced this. It’s a minor crisis, I know, but still worth the cathartic rant.

Now onto the roasted tasty discs of eggplant…

Take as many eggplants as you want. The more the merrier, and they roast down to an iota of their original some.

Cut them in 1″ discs and lay them out on a baking pan in a single layer.

Lightly coat them with a flavorful olive oil and sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Add a clove or two of finely minced garlic and toss around to spread the garlic love around. Don’t leave anybody out. (On a side note, beware with how much salt you use because the eggplant will shrink when the water content evaporates and the flavors, including salt, will concentrate and intensify.)

Put into a preheated 375 degree oven and roast for about 20-25 minutes. Be sure to peek in at about the halfway mark to make sure things aren’t going from delicious to burned. If your cook’s intuition is telling you the oven is too hot, reduce it to 350 and be vigilant.

I like to serve this eggplant as a side dish or add to a salad once it’s chilled. Or, as in the case the other night, I eat it before I can even take a photo of it. It’s so darn good.

Happy gardening and blissful eating to you!

Until next time,



8 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Garlicky Roasted Ichiban Eggplant 

  1. I love growing, photographing, roasting and eating all of the heirloom eggplants! Thanks for sharing your recipe too 🙂

  2. As we call them aubergine in Britain, we don’t have the problem of confusion over whether a plant can grow eggs lol 🙂

    Looking forward to eating some of my own later in the year.

  3. GREAT suggestion for the bounty of eggplant I’ll have in the near future 😀 (Ping Tung, Rosa Bianca & Fairy Tale…and perhaps I’ll manage to cram in a Listada di Gandia somewhere) Here’s another of my fave treatments for the long Asian types: http://norecipes.com/recipe/miso-glazed-eggplant-nasu-dengaku/
    (HINT: that is a good, comprehensive recipe for that eggplant treatment, and the stupid-easy workaround is to just throw a nice, tender, fresh-from-the-garden-harvested-that-very-day little eggplant topped with the dengaku concoction under the broiler until it looks reasonably done.)

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