The Long and Winding Road: Saying Goodbye to Cottage Law

Entrepreneurship: I don’t think that there’s another place where uncertainty and confidence meet with such gusto. I never understood how my father has been both an uber successful business owner for so long while being someone who’s able to sleep at night. Being responsible for everything is scary. I know that. But I’m doing it anyway.


Moving Happy-Go-Lucky Granola from a steady Cottage Law business to one that’s fully licenced and able to distribute has been a bumpy road. I’ve learned more than I ever expected, but, then again, I never expected to find such success doing just one farmer’s market a week. I’ve been the “granola girl” at the Downtown Farmer’s Market in Daytona Beach for just four months.


Starting the business was a whim, a moment to try something new, and I wasn’t sure that it would end up well. But, much to my surprise, it has. Happy-Go-Lucky Granola has oodles of regular weekly customers that come for their favorite flavors, unique seasonal flavors that draw market-goers to the stand, and a colorful chalkboard that allows customers to 86 any flavor that they purchase the last of. I sell out most weeks.


At first, our baking process was clunky. We purchased the organic ingredients in small quantities from our local health food store, Love Whole Foods. We always had to run to the store; we were always short of something; we always forgot to get this or that. Now, we purchase in eco-friendly bulk, we inventory weekly, and even make bi-monthly trips to Costco for certain items we can’t get in bulk at Love’s.

My boyfriend and I have honed our prep and baking process to the point that our kitchen is like a well-choreographed musical complete with singing, dancing, and theatrics. We know our parts, communicate well, and sway to the sound of our favorite tunes. Heat, mix, fold, line, bake, rotate, cool, cut, store…it’s the rhythm of our lives most evenings of the week.


And now it’s time to grow. I’ve been studying the Food Safety Management Principles guide in preparation for the exam, and I’m anxious.


I want to do well. I want to pass, get my commissary inspected, figure out how to make granola on a larger scale, and distribute (*fingers crossed*) to stores and cafes. I want, more than anything, to see Happy-Go-Lucky Granola become a smashing success – and not just at the farmers market.

Wish me luck, friends, as I travel along this bumpy road. Send Happy-Go-Lucky thoughts my way as I bake, sell, and repeat.

Until next time,



28 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road: Saying Goodbye to Cottage Law

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  2. I’m very late in wishing you luck, Jenna, and I’m sorry for that. (I thought I had “followed” you way back when we met through Fiesta Friday, but never saw your posts in my reader. I thought you were just on break, but lo and behold, I saw you today and you’ve been posting this whole time. My bad!) I think you are doing an amazing thing being an entrepreneur and making delicious and healthy granola bars. Success is what we make of it, and it looks like you have the forward thinking and positive attitude to make it work for you. Good luck!

  3. Woohoo! I love nothing more than seeing someone pursuing their passion! I’ll wish you luck, though I suspect you won’t need it. Congratulations, it’s very exciting! 🙂

  4. Mr. Entrepreneur (aka your dad) and I are very proud of you!!! Congratulations Lady Granola (Royal title)!!!
    Hugs and Kisses from down South.

  5. I’m so excited for you, Jenna! I am sending Happy-Go-Lucky thoughts your way as I wish you the best! I’ll be hoping to see your granola up my way (near Boston, Mass.) soon! I hope you make a gluten free version…!

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