Calling all Foodies: It’s Crunch Time for our Broccoli Harvest

We find broccoli easy to grow around here. No joke. It’s one of the few things that doesn’t give us problems. We always get an amazing yield, and the harvest is sweet and tasty. Starting them from seed indoors in December is easy peasy…


Hardening them off in late January is a safe bet and, planting them in February is a piece of cake.


We love the brassica family around here. Pests aren’t an issue, and we find them slow to flower. There’s a long sweet spot with these plants and, therefore, they’re a staple in our winter-spring garden.


The one issue with the ease of growth (stupidest phrase you’ve ever heard, right?), though, is trying to come up with unique recipes for these perfect florets.

Broccoli slaw? Check.
Roasted broccoli? Check.
Broccoli and orzo pasta? Check.
Steamed broccoli? Check.

What to do, what to do…

This is where you, my friends of the blogosphere, come in. I need some new and interesting broccoli recipes! Healthy or coated in cheese and butter (oooooooh, breadcrumbs, too), all things not mentioned above are welcome. And, what’s more is that if I make it successfully and love it to bits, I’d love to post it to Delicious Daydreams!

Thank you, culinary whizzes, for your help. Happy cooking!



28 thoughts on “Calling all Foodies: It’s Crunch Time for our Broccoli Harvest

  1. I love my broccoli soup. Saute mirepoix, add broccoli and garlic and stock (not quite covering the broccoli) and boil/steam until soft. Blend, then add a rue of butter, flour, and milk to make it creamy, plus s&p of course. So delicious. I just made some last week to take over to my friend who’s a new mom.

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      • Hi again. Here is how my husband makes a frittata. He makes a big one and we have it ror breakfast with a tortilla or homemade bread for a week. It allows us to start getting super foods into our bodies first thing in the day, which makes it easier to get them all in by the end of the day… or most, anyway. Plus, it’s delish.

        Use a 12 inch pan that can also be put in the oven under the broiler.

        2C broccoli florets
        1C shredded carrot (2 carrots) or 1C shredded squash (optional)
        4C greens (spinach, chard, kale, or mix) washed and drained
        1 small onion diced fine
        1C shredded cheeses, Mexican combo or cheddar/jack combo
        2C egg beaters
        1T olive oil
        Arthur Byrants fish and poultry seasoning or your favorite all-purpose seasoning mix

        1. On medium heat, saute the onion and carrot or squash, if included, until the onion is translucent.
        2. While the onion is cooking, cook the broccoli partially in the microwave until bright green and part cooked, about 4 minutes.
        3. Chop the cooked broccoli fine.
        4. Add greens to the pan. There should be enough to fill the pan when uncooked.
        5.Saute until greens have turned bright green and are wilted.
        6. Add egg beaters and seasoning and stir the ingredients all around.
        7. When the egg starts to set on the bottom, add the chopped broccoli, spread around evenly on top and press down if necessary to get it below the egg level.
        8. Cover for 2 minutes.
        9. Remove cover. Add cheese over the top, re-cover and cook two more minutes or until the cheese has started to melt.
        10. Remove from heat. Place 3 inches below the elements in a cold oven and turn on the broiler. Cook about 5 minutes, until the cheese has completely melted and started to turn golden brown.
        11. Remove, let cool 3 – 5 minutes, and then cut into wedges.

        Optional: Add chopped ham, cut up sausages or crumbled bacon after adding the broccoli.

        Enjoy wrapped in a tortilla (we use Tortilla Land, the ones you buy fresh from Costco and cook on a griddle) and salsa. The salsa is another super food.

  3. just found another member of my ‘tribe’. I’m happy that you paid a visit to my blog today; I may not have found your AWESOME blog otherwise! Keep on growing, Jenna. And your granola looks like it tastes DELICIOUS.

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