My Secret Life as a Granola Pusher

Happy Fiesta Friday, everyone! My name is Jenna, I own Happy-Go-Lucky Granola, and my Fridays are crazy. For the past two months, I’ve baked lots and lots of vegan and organic granola products for the City Island Farmer’s Market in Downtown Daytona Beach, Florida. Happy-Go-Lucky Granola is my pride and joy. It’s also a source of near exhaustion, but, friends, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s my hectic, yet amazing, reality.

These are my granola bars…


This was my first day at the market (and things have changed a lot since then)…


These are my friends that come to buy, nosh, and chat…


This is my happy-go-lucky life.

Happy Fiesta Friday, friends,



36 thoughts on “My Secret Life as a Granola Pusher

  1. Best granola bars you will ever have, hands down, no competition, end of discussion. We can’t even get through a whole week without running out. Great for a quick snack on the go or for a lazy Sunday breakfast. Can’t wait until the Happy Go Lucky Hummus is street legal 🙂

  2. Saw your July 30, 2013 comment on WP Publish, Promote, Repeat and decided to check your blog– what a treat. I’m sure you will continue to attract more followers as we become of the beauty and delicious food preparations as a secret granola pusher artist…. 😉

  3. Nice to meet you, Jenna! Great to see you join the party! Your granola bars look great–wish I was close enough to visit the farmer’s market to buy some! Your blog and recipes look great too!

  4. These are the best granola bars. I have tried every variety . They are all unique and delicious. I have shared them with with some of my vegan friends and they loved them. The Market is is fun too. It’s nice to see so many people supporting local vendors.

  5. Awesome, Jenna! A friend and I actually thought about selling seedlings last year at the farmers’ market. Until they died due to neglect. LOL, some business women we were! We lost money on supplies instead of making any. But it was fun talking about it! 🙂 Thanks for coming to the Fiesta. You wanna mix and mingle a little? Get to know the other guests as they get to know you?

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