Some Bunny is Happy…


…and that bunny is me. A couple of weeks ago, I posted about teeny, tiny carrots. Now I’m going to bestow you with a warm and fuzzy, so brace yourself. My mom and aunt, who happen to be adorable identical twins, we’re visiting from South Florida, and they know I love, love, love to garden. While they were getting the nickel tour, my mom picked one of the carrots and practically had a giggle fit over it. So, regardless of whether they (the carrots, not the twins) were ready or not, it was time for them to be harvested. I wanted to pick the crop of Short and Sweets…together. Why? Because my grandpa, their father, was an organic gardener back in the 50s (and even subscribed to Organic Gardening magazine) way before organic was en vogue. I knew this would bring back happy memories. And it did.

This could be one of my favorite family moments. While we may have pulled a lot of tasty carrots, nothing will compare to the memories we’ve made.


As always, happy gardening, my friends.

– Jenna


20 thoughts on “Some Bunny is Happy…

  1. Those carrots look fantastic! I can barely grow basil. I have been trying for years to grow coriander and I finally succedeed.

  2. Thanks for a lot of fun picking the carrots, and the memories. The carrots were sweet and delicious
    love Zeli
    I am so proud of you and your accomplishments.

  3. I can’t believe I am on your website with Zelda. It was fun picking the carrots . It brought back a lot of childhood memories. Grandpa would be proud of you, Isurely am. The carrots were very delicious .

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