My Tomato Cheers and Jeers of 2013

Eating the last garden-fresh tomato is bittersweet. It’s sad because it’s the last tomato. I eat it slowly and savor ever single bite. I use it sparingly and thank the heavens my boyfriend hates tomatoes. Eating the last tomato is also a happy time because I know I’m one moment closer to the new season and will get to do it all over again soon. I fantasize about what seeds I’ll start and reflect on the season’s tomato successes and failures. Here’s a summary of my tomato-related pain and joy of 2013:

Miserable Failures:

  • Moving a five foot Thai Pink Egg plant that was doing fantastically into a place where it would get more sun is a terrible decision. Dragging a perfectly happy plant to a new location is stupid. The plant was miserable, it turned a sickly yellow-brown and then proceeded to die.
  • Hot and cold and hot and cold and so on…. Plants hate this, but it’s out of our control. Things died.
  • Too much rain and humidity leads to mildew and oodles of aphids.


Thai Pink Egg tomatoes proliferated…


Chadwick Cherry tomatoes were super hearty…


Healani plants, although difficult and fickle, provided me with quite a few delicious tomatoes…


Overall, I can’t really complain. Gardening is a series of events, both wonderful and tragic, which lead to a greater understanding of our environment and how we can live in harmony with it. Gardening organically is challenging; I won’t say it’s not. But it’s worth it, both for our planet and our health. And, besides, it’s a blast, and I can’t think of any better excuse to play in the dirt.

Happy gardening, my friends.



8 thoughts on “My Tomato Cheers and Jeers of 2013

  1. Looks like a nice harvest to me! Cherry tomatoes are impossible to kill, aren’t they? My tomatoes gave me fits last year. Seemed to be a multitude of fungal and wilt issues. The two volunteers were the healthiest and produced the most while the ones I bought at the organic nursery just pooped out! Another reason to start my own, then plant in new fabric pots in a different spot and hope for the best! Such a challenge but so much fun, isn’t it?

    • I had the best success from cucumber and tomato volunteers last year! I actually wrote a post about them when I first started the blog. When a plant chooses to be in a spot, it really makes it known!

  2. Ugh, I’m envious of your green thumb! I somehow managed to kill oregano last year, which as you’re most like already aware, is essentially a weed. Looking forward to a fresh start this season!

    • Well it’s good that you’re adept at killing weeds, right? See? Look at that. There’s a silver lining to everything! 😉 and as far as my green thumb, I’ve got my brown moments for sure. Sometimes I destroy more than I cultivate, but it’s how it goes. Keep on trying, Brie!

  3. How I love tomatoes too. I like it with onions paired to our local dried fishes here. It’s also tomato season here at our place. My uncle even brought a lot of it from the garden he’s tending together with his friend. I’ve used a lot of it for sauteing and in making some hearty vegetable soups. Perfect for our chilly weather now.

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