DIY for a Happy, Healthy, Juicy 2014


Florida winters bring an abundance of gorgeous, colorful citrus to our farmers markets, and my friend Craig at the City Island Farmer’s Market in Daytona Beach has the best. He’s been in the citrus business his whole life and really knows his stuff. Depending on the week and what’s perfectly ripe (according to sugar content), he’ll have tangerines, tangelos, red grapefruits, white grapefruits, pineapple oranges, red navels, and honeybells, among others. And while I love to slice or peel and eat, I absolutely love to make fresh-squeezed juice. It’s fun to mix and match the varieties and get blends impossible to find in stores. Besides, there’s nothing like local.

This week, I squeezed sun glow tangerines and a couple of red navels, and it’s so simple to do. I use a small electric home juicer by Black & Decker that allows me to control the amount of pulp. I like next to no pulp and it does a good job of keeping the stuff out.

If you’re considering juicing citrus at home yourself, here’s some basic steps:

Gather up your favorite citrus fruits (go local if you can) and don’t forget to wash the skins.


Slice each fruit down the middle but not from the stem end. Avoid cutting through the poles.


Plug in your juicer and set it to the amount of pulp passage you desire. Get to juicing!


Remember to rinse the grates out when it get’s too gunky. Being clogged only makes the juice harder to filter down to the receptacle.

Pour it in a pretty jar.


Compost the skins, and enjoy your delicious juice!



4 thoughts on “DIY for a Happy, Healthy, Juicy 2014

  1. This is the way we always had orange juice years ago. Glad to see that you are making juice the good old fashioned way.

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