No Bah Humbug Here: The Easiest Holiday Appetizer EVER

If you’re short on time and you need a festive holiday appetizer in a pinch, look no further! This amazing snack was born from laziness. I was eating pomegranate seeds, my boyfriend was having brie and pita crackers, and I really wanted to eat his snack, but wanted to top the brie with pepper jelly. But it was all the way in the kitchen…like a million miles away. And when he’s watching a Michigan game with that glazed-over look, there’s no budging him. And I was (and still am) caught up in Martha Stewart’s Collected Recipes for Every Day cookbook because it’s raining out, and I can’t play in the garden.

Anyhow, I popped a few ruby red jewels on top of the brie-smeared cracker and stuffed it in my mouth. I did (and am still doing) this repeatedly. Pretty, right?


In fact, this post is nearly interrupting my face-stuffing…but I had to tell the blogosphere about this. The sweet/tart flavor of the pomegranate combined with the salty/creaminess of the brie and the crunch of the cracker make for a perfect and super simple appetizer. What’s more is that these little antioxidant-rich babies look exactly like holly berries. I’m completely smitten…and full.

Festively snacking,


P.S. To make this gluten-free, I’d go for nice, uber seedy gluten-free cracker. It’d be amazing!


6 thoughts on “No Bah Humbug Here: The Easiest Holiday Appetizer EVER

    • Hi! Well thank you for the nomination. Actually, I haven’t done my acceptance yet, but I just got nominated a few days before you nominated me. So, yes, I accept…from both of my wonderful blogger friends. 🙂 Thank you so much!

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