A Week’s Worth of Chopped Garlic in Only Five Minutes


Readers, have I got a time saver for you! Read on…

Garlic goes in practically everything in our house. We go through about two heads weekly and, to be honest, the time it takes to separate, crush, peel, and chop really adds up. And that pre-chopped stuff you buy in store hardly tastes like garlic. It’s like canned pineapple: it’s not really gross per se, but it’s certainly a disappointment.

So last week, I tried something new. I chopped one whole head of garlic in my handy dandy food processor and stored it in canola oil. I kept it in the fridge. I used it all week long, and it was fantastic. The taste, texture, and pungency of the garlic remained the same as if it were just chopped.

The great debate: olive oil, canola oil, or no oil at all?

We went with canola. While we use olive oil a lot in cooking, canola is more versatile. We could still add the chopped garlic to olive oil during cooking, which happened quite often. Storing the garlic without any liquid just seemed like a bad idea; it’d probably end up dry and lifeless (sadly, a lot like the last season of The Office). I don’t know for sure, though, as we didn’t try.

This is one culinary shortcut I definitely recommend…unless you really, really like chopping garlic.

Here’s the process in photographs:

Remove skin from garlic cloves (a whack of the flat side of a heavy knife or skillet will make this a breeze):


Put garlic in a food processor:


Pulse until it looks like this:


Transfer to a glass jar (you could use plastic, but the smell of garlic will forever remain):


Fill to cover with canola oil:


Seal with tight-fitting lid and store in the refrigerator:


Five minutes of your time now will save way more than that throughout the week.

Happy cooking, everyone!


5 thoughts on “A Week’s Worth of Chopped Garlic in Only Five Minutes

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  2. I LOVE YOU!!!! I love garlic in everything and hate having to chop chop chop every mealtime. This may mean that i may even put garlic in my cookies (….errmmm no lol).I am off to the market in the morrow and this is my new prepping schedule for the garlic. Thumbs up

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