Condiment Heaven: Lime Basil Mayo



20131001-154832.jpgLast night was a night to use up leftovers. Leftovers = some kind of sandwich. We had some mexican-spiced skirt steak, caramelized onions, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, and fresh jalapeño cheddar bread that my magical unicorn of a boyfriend made. Now all we needed was the perfect condiment. (Did I hear someone say “mayonnaise?” If so, you’re correct! Read below to find out what you’ve won!)

For me, mayo is pretty much unrivaled…utopian, even. It’s perfectly versatile, and can elevate nearly any addition to condiment heaven status. And I absolutely love condiments.

Ready for this? It gets pretty complicated.

Small food processor or blender? Check.

Small handful of fresh lime basil? Check.


Teaspoon fresh garlic? Check.


One cup of full-fat, delicious mayonnaise? Check.


Throw all of the ingredients in a food processor or blender and let rip. Stop when it’s a nice, homogenous mixture.

Put in a non-pretentious vessel, but be sure to garnish with a pretty lime basil leaf for pretty’s sake.


That’s it. Bravo and enjoy. (By the way, that skirt steak sandwich I mentioned will be on a forthcoming, mouthwatering post tomorrow.)


9 thoughts on “Condiment Heaven: Lime Basil Mayo

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    • It totally would! I’m going to start playing around with some ranch-style dressings. I would love a lime essence in it. I recently posted on an organic creamy garlic and Dijon dressing. You may like that!

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