It’s raining out, and all I want to do is dig in the dirt.

I feel a good, solid pouty face coming on. All week long, I’ve wanted to plant my seven heirloom tomato seedlings (three Thai Pink Egg, two Healani, and two Chadwick Cherry) that I purchased from TomatoFest.


I watched them grow from itty bitty seeds, potted them up twice, and now they’re a foot tall.

They’re ready to spread out and grow. And after a painfully hot, rainy, and humid summer of (*gasp*) no tomatoes in the garden, all I wanted was to plant them today. I was patient (OK, maybe not patient, but, nonetheless, I waited). Doesn’t that count for something?

The worst part is that I got glimpses of the sunshine all week long on my walks to meetings, the restroom, or my car, and I kept thinking, “On Friday, after work, I’ll get to go outside and play.” Stupid Murphy and his laws.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow will be the day.


6 thoughts on “It’s raining out, and all I want to do is dig in the dirt.

  1. It’s a bit weird to think of just putting out tomato seedlings since mine are about a month away from the compost pile. 🙂 Your seedlings look great! I’ve never heard of several of your varieties.

    • You must live far from Florida! Summer is my worst season, when it’s most people’s best. I get all of my tomato seedlings from TomatoFest. It’s out of California, but they helped me find heirlooms best suited to my region. Don’t worry, though, spring is right around the corner. 🙂

    • I’m really hoping to have a productive fall. When everyone all across the country is having a bountiful summer, I (while I’m vicariously happy) find myself longing for slightly cooler, less humid conditions. I suppose, though, you’re right. I’m fortunate to be able to plant yearly year-round. And thanks for the cork kudos. My family and friends love wine, so I always have them around!

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