Very Inspiring Blogger Award: Really? For Me? Honestly? No way…

I am so very honored that The Novice Gardener, a blogger that I just adore, has bestowed me with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award (among two others…holy cow!).


And I’d normally go on and on about why others deserve it more than me, but I told her that there was no self-deprecating involved with winning awards. We win because we work hard, love what we do, and deserve it (*silly smirking face* not withstanding). So, thank you so much, The Novice Gardener. I really, truly appreciate it, and I accept. I’ve been blogging for just four months now, and receiving such an accolade is amazing. Heck, I’m amazed sometimes that people even care to read what I write! And, you know, the blogging community is filled with such charismatic, bright, and diverse individuals that have so much to say! I’ve learned so much, have made great connections, and have found a real love of writing.

So, as the rules for recieveing this award state, I have to share 7 random things about myself. Here goes:

  1. I have a 9-year old Boston Terrier named Squirt E. Licious (The “E” stands for “excellent”).
  2. My grandfather was an organic gardener in the 50s! He said that he’d never put anything on his veggies or in the ground that he wouldn’t drink directly.
  3. Phish is my favorite band.
  4. I’m afraid of doing cartwheels.
  5. I have a massive collection of beach glass that I never do anything with because I just like to look at it.
  6. I absolutely love condiments…maybe too much.
  7. My second to last toe on both feet is shaped like a cashew; it’s how my mom knew I was hers.

And as the rules also state, I will now nominate some of my favorite bloggers (no particular order):

Not only do these bloggers put out consistently good work, but their writing is smart, their photos are stunning, and it’s obvious they love what they do. They truly inspire me and, because of them, I’m a better blogger.

So, I’m not sure what else to say other than “thank you” to The Novice Gardener and “thank you” to those who make the blogosphere a better (and prettier) place.





13 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award: Really? For Me? Honestly? No way…

  1. Hi, I want to congratulate you on all of your hard work and dedication to blogging. You do an amazing job and I enjoy reading your blog even though I don’t comment on everything. Love the list of random facts.

  2. Looks like we share #5 & #6. Well, #6 for sure, but I’d absolutely collect beach glass if I find them. I collect everything else I find on the beach, rocks, shells, wood pieces, etc. And I like looking at them, so it’d only be natural for me to move on to beach glass. As far as condiments are concerned, can’t live without! 🙂 Very nice acceptance speech, Jenna!

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