Corn and Crab Chowder

I’m laying in bed reading this and find myself strangely hungry.


With only a few weeks left until the unofficial end of summer, I am in a strange place with my food cravings. I still want to take advantage of the summer bounty at the farmers market, but I’m starting to crave the rich warm soups of late fall and winter. The best way to bridge this gap is with a delicious summer chowder, and in the Chesapeake Bay area, nothing screams summer more than fresh corn and blue crabs.

Corn & Crab Chowder finished 1

This recipe is actually my second attempt at corn chowder. The first version of this corn chowder wasn’t as creamy as I had hoped and the pureed corn created a gritty texture that wasn’t really appetizing. I did learn from this first batch of soup. First, corn stock is necessary for a good corn chowder and is really easy to make. Second, pureeing the mirepoix into the soup is great for…

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