Make it an Organic September

This wonderful initiative for the organic movement is absolutely worth doing! Making just one small change is so easy!

This Is Organics

Organic foodsThe Soil Association is launching ‘Organic September – Small Changes, Big Difference’ to show the huge difference consumers can make by switching one household item to organic. Running throughout September, the campaign will be the UK’s biggest celebration of all things organic.

Consumers will be encouraged to make one small change to their shopping habits in order to make a big difference to sustainable food, animal welfare and the environment. This could include eating at least one piece of organic fruit or veg each day, switch one beauty product such as shampoo, sign up for an organic veg box, buy organic tea & coffee, throw an organic dinner party and so on.

Rob Sexton, Chief Executive of Soil Association Certification states: ‘If everyone can make a small change like switching to organic milk or choosing an organic moisturiser we can make a huge difference to our planet’.

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