Happy Friday: Organic Papaya, Blood Orange, Lime, and Vodka Slushies

Well, it’s Friday! It’s time to have a drink… it’s been a heck of long week. My friend Kristen is over to watch Game of Thrones and what goes better with swords, horses, and death than papaya slushies? NOTHING, that’s what. So to combat the gore we’re about to watch, we’re drinking these fruity, delicate, salmon-colored libations.

We used the sorbet that I posted about a few days ago.

We used:

4 large scoops sorbet
1/2 cup plain vodka
1 big fat splash of blood orange liquor
Lots of lime juice
2 cups of ice

Put it all in a blender, let it rip, and drink up. If it weren’t such a long day, I’d bother to make a garnish. But, for now, this will do just fine. Cheers, everyone!


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