Nothing Beats Local, Farm-Raised, Low Carbon Footprint, Free-Range Eggs

There’s something about real eggs. Eggs can be truly glorious. And when I say eggs, I’m not talking about the slimy junk in containers or the thin-shelled, vitamin-deficient yellow blobs that come from conventional chicken farms hundreds of miles away. I mean EGGS…the kind that still have a bit of dirt on their shells, the ones that don’t look like they’ve been photoshopped to shiny white perfection, and the kind that come from a person you might even know. I got these yesterday at my farmers market.

Local eggs are becoming more en vogue, and it’s a great time to start appreciating their many benefits. They taste better, are better quality, they carry a much lower carbon footprint, and they’ve got more of the good stuff we want (vitamins E and A, Omega 3, beta carotene) and less of the bad stuff we don’t (cholesterol and saturated fat). Many people are hesitant to purchase local eggs because of the higher price tag these eggs carry. But buying better quality food, like local eggs, will save money in the long run because they’re better for you. If that’s not enough for you, then think about the higher quality of life the chickens have. I swear I can taste the happy! Look at the orangey color of these yolks!

I know the run-of-the-mill stuff from your grocery store might cost a bit less, but don’t let fifty cents make your decision. And, please don’t tell me you can’t get them. If I can get them in Daytona Beach, then I’m confident that you can find them in your town. And if you can’t, I’ll be glad to help. I’m serious.

Furthermore, local food, eggs, veggies, etc. is better for our Earth. Here’s the carbon footprint comparison between a dozen local and a dozen store-bought eggs (you can go to CleanMetrics to do this on your own, too):

Eggs from 25 miles away: 0.02 Kg of CO2e
Eggs from 1,164 miles away: 0.12 Kg of CO2e

Essentially, there’s a 600% increase in carbon emissions from transport. No bueno.

Quality food is an investment in yourself. Not only does it make better tasting dishes, but it makes you feel better, too. Local food is an investment in your local community, literally. It puts a human face on where your food comes from and keeps your dollars where they will do the most good for you, in the places of your daily life.

I strongly encourage you to seek out the growers and farmers in your neighborhood while making a meaningful investment in your future self.


2 thoughts on “Nothing Beats Local, Farm-Raised, Low Carbon Footprint, Free-Range Eggs

  1. Hi,
    I agree that these are the best tasting eggs that I have eaten in a very long time.
    That was when we went directly to the egg farms in upstate New York.
    farm Fresh is the only was to go and I found out where I can get them in Plantation.
    Thanks for all you do!

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