Oven-Roasting Garlic is so Easy!

There’s something about garlic. There’s something about roasting. Put those two together and you’ve got the greatest little culinary buddy you could ever hope for. Roasted garlic jazzes up sauces, spreads, dips, potatoes, cupcakes (OK, maybe not cupcakes), and just about anything else you try it on. And the thing is, IT’S SO EASY TO MAKE! I don’t often use snouty capitals, but I’m serious.

You can make a lot or a little depending on what you want it for. I needed two heads for hummus, so that’s all I made. Take two fresh heads of garlic, and cutdown just far enough to expose the cloves. Don’t cut from the end that holds it all together; cut the end that you’d break it apart from.

Get out an oven-safe vessel, line it with foil, and pop the heads of garlic inside.

Drizzle each head with about a teaspoon of olive oil. Then sprinkle with sea salt. I think fine-grain salt works best for this. Just avoid rock salts as they’re too chunky and may not break down all the way.

Make a happy little package out of your foil and pop in a 375 degree oven. I used my toaster oven for this. I let the garlic roast for nearly and hour. I removed it just as my house was smelling too tasty for me to handle. Look how pretty it is!



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