Organic Heirloom Thai Pink Egg Tomatoes

Twenty lousy tomatoes. I raised nearly 100 heirloom tomato seedlings from seed, trench planted them, watched them grow like crazy, and then…days and days and days of all rain and no sunshine bore a fungus I just couldn’t battle organically. I tried and tried to overcome the beast, but, alas, my babies succumbed to the elements. They just couldn’t recover. Out of the 30-something seedlings of 22 varietals I kept and planted, I have four left. So I’ve decided to start all over. Enjoy the one photo I took of my lovely Thai Pink Egg tomatoes.


I should also mention that I did get some Yellow Currant, Hawaiian Currant, Healani, and Very Cherry heirlooms as well. Of all the heirlooms, they did the best in my coastal Florida climate. I will say, though, that there’s nothing as chipper and optimistic as a gardener who’s just planted. I’m looking forward to the half-full cup again.


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