Organic Bell and Cubanelle Volunteer Peppers

Volunteer plants are Mother Nature’s way of thanking eco-conscious gardeners for composting. And she thanked us big time this year. We had twenty-two volunteer pepper plants spring up in a tiny bed on the side of our house…in a bed that we were preparing for Zinnias! Some plants are bell peppers, some are Cubanelle peppers, and some look like a bizarre hybrid.


Regardless, we’re getting free veggies! We also had two volunteer cucumber plants that produced a ton, but now they’re done for.

The peppers, however, are in full swing. What’s interesting is that this raised bed is only 8″ deep and gets five hours of morning sun per day. No matter who I talk to or what I read, this shouldn’t really happen. But it doesn’t look like these pepper plants are complaining.



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