Organic Wild Garden Lettuce Mix from Southern Exposure Seeds

So many people think lettuce is difficult to grow in the hotter regions in any other season other than winter. Well, it’s now nearing the end of May, and I’ve still got quite a beautiful, organic bounty. I think the trick to growing great lettuce is proper moisture and only a few hours of early or late sun per day. I have my lettuce in a very large concrete pot that I salvaged from a neighbor’s trash. A gardener could never imagine throwing away such a treasure! A pot on a rolling plant stand is ideal because you can easily move it in or out of the elements (wind, sun, rain, etc.) without breaking your back.

Anyhow, I cleaned out this FREE 20-gallon pot, filled it with nutrient-rich organic potting soil and some homemade compost, sprinkled some lettuce mix seeds on the top and gently worked them in. Don’t bury them more than 1/4″ deep. Water them daily, but only enough to keep the soil from totally drying out, and watch your lettuce babies sprout! Some will start sprouting in just a few days, and it grows rather quickly.

One of the best things about lettuce are the “cut-and-come-again” varieties. Romaine is the most well-known, but there are many others. Lots of the very leafy lettuces are this way. These kinds are great because you don’t have to harvest the whole head to get your daily greens. Cut from the outside first. You’ll be amazed at how long you can do this for. And I can’t prove this, but I think that snipping here and there makes the lettuce grow faster!

It’s salad season, so don’t be afraid to grow your own delicious, organic mixes. You’ll never be able to go back to grocery store lettuce again. Visit wild garden lettuce mix to purchase the same Southern Exposure product. (And, by the way, this seed exchange specializes in seeds for the southeastern United States!)



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