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hello! I like the delicious food very much. How about you? I’m sure you love good food, too. Welcome here, let’s start the food journey together.


What do you like for breakfast? Some people like bread with milk, some with coffee, and I with orange juice

midday meal

After a busy morning, are you hungry? Are you trying to think about what to eat?

afternoon tea

My head is going to stop running. What should I do? The easiest way is to have an afternoon tea bar.GO,GO,GO


The busy day is over, ending today’s progress with a delicious dinner. Eggs are one of my favorite dishes


  • Shrimp nutritional value is very high, the whole body is a treasure. Shrimp brain, contains human essential amino acids, brain phospholids and other nutrients; shrimp meat contains a lot of protein and carbohydrates; shrimp skin contains astaxanthin, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and other human nutrients; shrimp is high protein, low fat aquatic products.

nutrient value

  • Beef is rich in protein, amino acid composition than pork is closer to the needs of the human body, can improve the body’s resistance to disease, growth and development and postoperative, after the disease in the supplement of blood loss, repair tissue and other aspects are particularly appropriate, winter beef can warm the stomach, is the tonic of the season;

Fruit Salads!

Cut different fruits into cubes or cubes, put them on a plate, pour them with sauces such as fruit salad dressing, yogurt or honey, and stir them.

Fruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and A variety of essential minerals (the most content is potassium), a lot of water and fiber, can promote health, enhance immunity. Because of the lemon in the salad, lemon is a photosensitive fruit and is not eaten during the day.



Butter bread

Sun cake

Hello, I’m glad you’re here!

Food is probably the most healing thing in the world.

Because the stomach is so close to the heart,

When you’re full,

A warm stomach occupies the heart,

So that the in the mind will not feel so cold.

It is a very wonderful thing to eat quietly and without distractions.

This kind of dedication, free choice, is the greatest comfort to the tired day of their own.

Here are a few of my favorite things


Sunshine and flowers are the best match


A bite of macaron, a bite of raspberry, so delicious


The sea has the widest mind and the clearest eyes

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